Saturday, September 14, 2019

Area A Advisor Conference - September 14, 2019

Other digital tools that helps us with our workflow:

  • - where our morning announcements live; we embed our YouTube videos each day on Blogger because it's easy to share access with teachers, students, and families; we don't just direct our audience to the wild world of YouTube 
  • Morning Announcement Request Form - Collect morning announcements
  • "The Spreadsheet" - here is where all our announcements go; it becomes the basis for our script-writing team, our graphics team, our everything
  • Google Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive) - easy to share access with our whole team
  • Google Classroom - I push through curriculum, leadership, motivation, and resources they need to access quickly

  • Google Slides - we use it for all our graphics--simple!!
  • Minga - BRAND NEW TOOL! I use this to stay connected with our team
    • Kids self-regulate, self-manage, and answer each other's questions
    • Way better than a group chat; functions like a social media platform
    • It's my alternative to Remind 
    • It's secure and COPPA, CIPA, FERPA compliant
    • Parents can see what's going on, but they CAN'T comment. Love it!!

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