Saturday, September 28, 2019

Google Drive for 34th District PTA - September 28, 2019

Happy to have you join me for the 34th District PTA Google Drive Challenge! Click this LINK HERE for the digital version of the handout you got today, or to share it with a friend!

  • Work collaboratively; no more sending versions of a document back and forth
  • The level at which you use Google Drive apps can correspond to the level of trust in your team; use it to your comfort level
  • No more incompatibility of files ("What file format did she use on this???")
  • Export your files as a PDF and then host them on Google Drive to share with the rest of your school community
  • Work on to go; check a document on your computer or phone

Saturday, September 21, 2019

CADA Area D Advisor Conference - September 21, 2019

Access this full Google Slides presentation is HERE
Icebreakers from 2019 CADA Leadership Camp HERE
Avoid the "Empathy Sandwich" from Harvard Business Review
Monica's "Meet the Taters" and WAY MORE RESOURCES HERE

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Area A Advisor Conference - September 14, 2019

Other digital tools that helps us with our workflow:

  • - where our morning announcements live; we embed our YouTube videos each day on Blogger because it's easy to share access with teachers, students, and families; we don't just direct our audience to the wild world of YouTube 
  • Morning Announcement Request Form - Collect morning announcements
  • "The Spreadsheet" - here is where all our announcements go; it becomes the basis for our script-writing team, our graphics team, our everything
  • Google Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive) - easy to share access with our whole team
  • Google Classroom - I push through curriculum, leadership, motivation, and resources they need to access quickly

  • Google Slides - we use it for all our graphics--simple!!
  • Minga - BRAND NEW TOOL! I use this to stay connected with our team
    • Kids self-regulate, self-manage, and answer each other's questions
    • Way better than a group chat; functions like a social media platform
    • It's my alternative to Remind 
    • It's secure and COPPA, CIPA, FERPA compliant
    • Parents can see what's going on, but they CAN'T comment. Love it!!